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Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview

History of the Broadview Hotel...
A Wichita Tradition Since 1922!

The historic Broadview began to take shape with the groundbreaking on September 15, 1921. The Grand Opening took place 8 months later. Built along the banks of the Arkansas River, the Broadview Hotel soon became known as the premier hotel in the Midwest, and a favorite stop along the Chisholm Trail, the horse and buggy station, once located on the northwest side of the building was the only means of public transportation to western Kansas. This enabled the Broadview to host many of our city's visitors; a tradition we still enjoy today!

The historic Broadview Hotel

Modern day view of the historic Broadview HotelIn the early twenties the Broadview merged with the Arkansas Valley Interurban Railway Company. This merger gave the passengers of the railroad added convenience while traveling. The stone arch on the east side of the hotel is still engraved with the public notice "Freight Station".

The grandeur of the Broadview's lobby is breathtaking at first glance. The unique shape, beautiful moldings, and ornamental design of the lobby immensely add to the beauty of the hotel. The ceiling, large lobby chandeliers, stairwells, and checkered floors are a few of the original relics that give the room its grand appeal.

In 1929, the north wing was added and in 1948 the large ground floor Crystal Ballroom was an addition to the side of the hotel. The ballroom is renowned for exquisite mosaic designed by the famous American Indian Artist - Blackbear Bosin. The theme of the mosaic is "The Advance of Civilization in Kansas," and includes the wild animals, pioneers, and Indians, railroads, and depictions of the first small towns. Totaling approximately 1500sq ft, it is the largest continual mural in Kansas. In 2007, the son and daughter of Blackbear Bosin visited The Broadview Hotel to see their father's masterpiece for the first time!

The basement and rooftop of the hotel have seen their share of excitement over the years! During prohibition of the 20's, our basement was Wichita's only "speakeasy". The speakeasy featured drinking, gambling, and a restaurant large enough to seat 600 comfortably. The promenade offered an all around view of the city while dining and dancing into the late hours of the evening.

George Siedhoff was the original owner/builder of The Broadview Hotel. After debating the possible names of "The Wichita" and "The Waco", Mrs. Siedhoff eventually decided on "The Broadview". She felt the name fitting as the hotel offered a "broad view" of the city and a continual reminder of broadness of vision her builders had for the future of Wichita.

Modern day look at the historic Broadview Hotel

Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview
(316) 262-5000
400 West Douglas Avenue
Wichita, KS 67202

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